Rosina Bullen has a musical message for her dear Daphné

The British-born Brooklynite shares some lovely thoughts with her niece (and us).

A.Osina Bullen writes a light love letter to Dear Daphne in his latest single — premiered today on Tinnitus.

The third single from the UK-born, Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter’s second EP Trip to Tikalthe gentle optimist Dear Daphne is a Beatles-a piece of inspired pop perfection that finds Bullen sharing a list of wishes and hopes for his young niece.

“It’s one of my favorite songs from the EP and I think most of the band members agree as well because it’s always a lot of fun to play and when we do it live,” shares Bullen . “I finally convinced the guys to sing the extra harmonies you hear at the end of the song! In case you hadn’t noticed from listening to the song, I’m a huge Beatles fan and had listened to a lot of them back in the day and so I think there’s definitely a bit of that sound in there!

“The song itself is written for my amazing little niece who lives in the UK and, surprise, surprise, her name is Daphne. The first time I played this for her, she didn’t seem very impressed that someone had stolen her name in a song, but I think it’s dawned on her now!

“The lyrics of the song are a bit like a message of love and hope for Daphne and all other girls and women too! The world can be a difficult place for all of us sometimes and especially as a girl, but it is always so amazing to see how things gradually change for the better. So this song is just a small reflection of that – it’s not the most lyrically complex and nuanced song on the EP, but sometimes something more simple and precise can work just as well and I felt like that was what this song needed.

“Oddly enough, this song was the easiest to write of all the tracks and it came out of me one day while I was sitting at the piano. I always find it funny how this works with songwriting. I either write a song in a day or I get little snippets of a song and find it takes a really long time to finish them and come up with something that works! I had a clear message for this piece that I wanted to convey and when I presented it in rehearsal with the guys, it all worked so well! I often find it easier to write sad, sentimental songs for some reason, so it was really great to get something with a more upbeat, happy feel!

On Travel to Tikal, Bullen is writing his musical memoir one song at a time. It is inspired by the confessional writing of Elliott Smith And Phoebe Bridgersthe tight pop of Fleetwood Mac And Kate Bushand the avant-garde sound worlds of Big thief And Speak speak as she shares stories from her own life. “What inspires me to write,” she explains, “is when something happens. Each song is linked to a specific event in my life.

Throughout the EP, Rosina demonstrates that she has the talent to draw universal themes from autobiographical storytelling. “When I was a child, I felt very sensitive and found the world quite overwhelming,” she explains. “The way I made sense of emotions was to sit down at the piano and write them down into a song.”

Rosina is joined Trip to Tikal by his group, which includes Nick Pennington on the guitar, Rasmus Sorensen on keyboards, Mathias Jensen on bass and Angus Mason on drums – all friends who met while studying at school Manhattan School of Music. The ensemble worked with the producer Hector Castillo (Philippe Glass, David Bowie, John legend), who guided and elevated the process. “Hector made us think about the essence of the songs,” says Rosina. “How can I build it? What is the story? He got us talking about the theme of the song as a group.

Through each song, the ensemble’s tight, dynamic interplay supports Rosina’s brilliant vocals, amplifying the emotional content of the songwriter’s stories. Due in May, Trip to Tikal clearly shows that Bullen is a masterful songwriter, a nuanced and emotional singer, and that she has more stories to tell.

Check Dear Daphne above, listen more Rosine Bullen below, and find it on her website, Instagram, Facebook And Tic Tac.