Here’s your first look at the return of Silent Hill’s iconic monster

In addition to a multitude of new features silent Hill games in the works, the franchise is also looking to make its return to the big screen. Return to Silent Hill(the first film in the series since 2012 Silent Hill: Revelation), is currently in the works and is expected to debut at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. To give fans something to get excited about, we got our first look at the infamous antagonist, Pyramid Head.

Return to Silent Hill will be the third silent Hill film to date, and will be directed by Christophe Gans, who himself returns to Silent Hill, as he was also the director of the original 2006 film adaptation. Although it is a reboot of the franchise, the film will adapt Silent Hill 2, which follows protagonist James (who will be played by Jeremy Irvine) as he explores the titular town in search of his wife, Mary. Revealed by Variety, the first image is exactly what fans of the franchise should expect. Pyramid Head, which debuted in Silent Hill 2has a large metal contraption on his face and drags a sword in his hands.

The Pyramid Head image shows the monster facing the camera in a filthy corridor through the twisted bars of the prison cells. The film’s version of the iconic character is a bit different than the games: rather than the usual simple metal helmet, there’s an almost mouth-shaped design on the front, with spikes protruding from it. Some fans aren’t too happy with this change (or maybe they’re just annoyed that Pyramid Head is being brought back again) and have brought back a Social Media Post 2022 by Masahiro Ito, the creature’s designer, in which he says without explanation that he really wishes he hadn’t designed the guy in the first place.

Return to Silent Hill won’t be the only reimagining of Silent Hill 2 that audiences will enjoy. Developer team Bloober is set to release a remake of the classic survival horror game this year, which is either good or bad news for fans of the franchise, depending on how the film and the remake is taking place.