Demi Moore’s Met Gala Dress Was Inspired by Her Cartier Jewelry

The observation: Actress Demi Moore walked the 2024 Met Gala red carpet in an ensemble incorporating stunning shapes, bold colors and extraordinary jewelry. To my delight, I learned that jewelry was the priority for once: the star’s Harris Reed dress was created to complement her Cartier jewelry.

Jewelry : Moore’s Met Gala jewelry is all Cartier, from the brand’s Nature Sauvage fine jewelry collection. The collection hasn’t even officially launched — it’s due out at the end of May — and Demi Moore has been the only person to wear one of the designs in public so far.

According to Vogue, these are the Cartier Nature Sauvage Chloris necklace and earrings, named after the Greek nymph Chloris, goddess of spring. The necklace contains 7.87 carats of emeralds accented with spirals encrusted with platinum and diamonds, while the earrings feature 2.25 carats of emeralds. Both pieces of jewelry are inspired by the appearance of dandelion seeds blown by the wind.

Close-ups of the necklace appear to reveal yellow stones accenting the end of the piece, but no yellow stones are mentioned in any descriptions I could find.

Tendencies: This jewelry set bucks a major trend by being a matching necklace and earrings—we’ve seen plenty of bare lobes and collarbones at recent celebrity events, while the pairing of This substantial necklace and earrings defy that convention.

But that’s the only thing that’s not trendy: the green stones, the way the design plays with volume, the fact that the earrings are big studs rather than danglers, it all fits this that we have seen since. 2024.

What do we think? What’s not to love?? I’m a huge fan of the colors of the Cartier parure – and the way these three-dimensionally oriented pieces take up space with the little platinum and diamond spirals extending into the air is so glamorous and interesting.

I love that the designer chose to make the accompanying dress in contrasting colors, rather than opting for a neutral color. The Harris Reed dress in shades of black, green and pink is actually duchess silk adorned with huge pink peonies collected from dead wallpaper.

The whole thing is visually stunning and the more I learn about it, the more I like it.

Judgement: 16/10 for a fantastic jewelry-focused look.