White man offered me permission to allow airbase for foreign country in Bangladesh, claims Sheikh Hasina | Indeblooms

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has claimed that a “white man” offered to set up a foreign country’s airbase in her country in exchange for a smooth re-election in the January 7 general election.

Hasina and her Awam League returned to power by registering a landslide victory in the elections.

She did not mention the name of the country.

“Many have their eyes on this place. There is no controversy here, no conflict. I will not let this happen. This is also one of my crimes (in their eyes),” he said. she told the Daily Star.

Speaking on the proposal to build an airbase, Hasina said: “The offer came from a white man.”

“It may seem like it’s only targeting one country, but that’s not the case. I know where they intend to go,” she said.

She claimed it was also a plot to create a “Christian state like East Timor” with Bangladesh and Myanmar participating.

She said: “Like East Timor…they will create a Christian country taking parts of Bangladesh (Chattogram) and Myanmar with a base in the Bay of Bengal.”