Las Vegas Raiders’ Michael Mayer ready to play with Brock Bowers

Tight end Michael Mayer was the second-round pick of the Las Vegas Raiders in the 2023 NFL Draft — the kind of draft status that establishes the future of the position for a franchise.

When the Raiders selected another No. 1 tight end a year later — a generational player in Georgia’s Brock Bowers — it would be understandable if Mayer, who played in just 14 games as a rookie, felt cynical about the situation. However, Mayer didn’t seem to mind – understanding that it was just another NFL business decision.

“It’s what it is, I mean, they drafted me last year, so I just gotta come here, keep my head down, keep working hard,” Mayer told reporters during a recent OTA . “Try to win as many games as possible, man. I mean, it’s totally out of my control, so I’m here to play ball… It’s already in the past, it’s already far behind me … Brock has been great so far, he’s a great guy, eager to learn, so it’s been great, we’ve had a great tight end.”

Mayers’ OTA interview session wasn’t the first time he shared positive comments about his new teammate. Mayer spoke positively about Bowers to Vincent Bonignore of the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

“He’s fast, he’s got great hands,” Mayer told Bonsignore. “He can block, he can do everything. I feel like we can both do everything. I think we’re going to be dangerous. I think we’re going to have a good offense. It’s kind of all that. I have to talk about it. It’s going to be a lot of fun.”

Mayer understands his role as one of two tight end options for 12-member sets. The implementation of the offense is still being worked out – and the combination of Mayer and Bowers could make for a powerful duo.

“Listen, our whole job is to win ball games,” Mayer said. On offense, we need to score touchdowns, and that’s what we’re going to do as best we can. We have a lot of weapons… I’ve already met Brock. I’ve been training with him for a week. He’s a great guy, so it worked out well.”

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