Joliet council member Clement got into verbal altercation with police during traffic stop – Shaw Local

Joliet City Council member Joe Clement argued with police during a late-night traffic stop for running a stop sign on May 9, saying at one point, “You all lost head,” according to a police account and video.

Clement was not ticketed but issued a warning for disobeying a stop sign.

According to the police account and video, Clement also did a U-turn at a red light, claimed officers would release information about the incident to the media to “burn me” and, at one point, is away from the police officer who carried out the theft. stopped and crossed the street but did not leave the scene.

The traffic stop occurred at 11:51 p.m. at Chicago and Clinton streets, near Clement’s downtown residence.

An emailed account of the incident from a police supervisor at the scene and video show Clement using profanity repeatedly during the stop.

Lt. Christopher Moore’s email account to police command staff indicates that Clement, when the patrolman explained to him why the stop was made, responded, “Oh, stop with that (expletive).” »

“It’s a big nothing burger,” Clement said when asked by the Herald-News to comment on what happened.

Councilman Joe Clement speaks at the Joliet City Council committee meeting on single-family rentals.  August 11, 2022.

He didn’t want to discuss the traffic stop.

“I’m not going to trade spit with (expletive) on social media,” Clement said. ” That’s what it’s about. I love the city. I will continue to do good work for the city.

The incident has made its way onto a few Facebook pages that comment on what’s happening in Joliet city government and politics.

Clement is a retired Joliet police officer and chair of the council’s public safety committee which reviews issues affecting the police department.

No police report was taken because no tickets were issued, said police spokesman Sgt. Dwayne English.

But there is a citation that the warning was issued.

The Herald-News obtained copies of Moore’s email, the citation and police car video from the traffic stop after a Freedom of Information Act request.

The name of the person involved in the traffic stop is removed from the email and the citation. But the documents were provided as part of a request regarding a traffic stop involving Clement and are supported by the video.

Moore went to the scene of the incident after the stop.

“It is common for the shift commander to be notified when officers come into contact with a prominent citizen such as a city councilor performing law enforcement duties,” English said in an email when asked why Moore was at the scene.

A backup officer was also present, which English said is a regular practice during traffic stops.

Clement was upset that other officers came to the scene, according to Moore’s email.

After being informed that he was receiving a warning, Clement said, “Alright, make sure you give it to Sherrie Blackburn.” Give it to them all so they can (expletive) burn me,” according to Moore’s email.

Blackburn is a deputy police chief and a member of the department’s staff.

Clement is heard on the video saying the incident would be disclosed to the Herald-News and other media outlets.

Reporter Felix Sarver contributed to this story.