Artist launches clothing brand inspired by Santa Monica street art

Growing up in foster care in Compton, TSMOKE found solace and inspiration in art.

Originating from the street art scene of Dogtown, Santa Monica, TSMOKE APPAREL has officially launched, offering a collection that embodies the raw and authentic spirit of urban art.

TSMOKE APPAREL’s initial offerings include iconic t-shirts and hoodies, with each piece crafted with premium materials to ensure impeccable quality. The brand’s philosophy, “Real Gear for Real People,” highlights its commitment to authenticity and craftsmanship. As the brand grows, it plans to expand its product offerings and continue its mission of bringing the street art spirit of Santa Monica to the public.

The brand was founded by street artist TSMOKE, who said in a statement: “My life has been a constant struggle. The artistic game and all the artists who join TSMOKE have saved my life on several occasions. My philosophy of finding beauty in struggle is reflected in every piece.

Growing up in foster care in Compton, TSMOKE found solace and inspiration in art. His life took a positive turn when he was adopted by a single father and moved to North Santa Monica, a press release explains. This blend of emerging from difficult circumstances and being in tune with the streets manifested itself in TSMOKE APPAREL.

“Santa Monica has experienced a remarkable renaissance of its art scene in recent years.” » indicates a press release. “Once characterized by its reserved and hidden character, the city has become a vibrant canvas for street artists. TSMOKE APPAREL is now spearheading this movement, bringing underground art culture to the forefront.

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