Cybertruck Meetup in Gatesville, Texas | Cybertruck Rodeo, June 2

A Tesla owners club hosted a meetup near Waco for some off-road, friendly competition with non-Tesla owners.

GATESVILLE, Texas — Calling all Tesla owners, fans and haters!

A free Tesla Cybertruck meetup will be held in Central Texas on June 2.

The Tesla Owners Club of Austin is hosting a Cybertruck meetup that it hopes will be the largest in the world. According to the event page, the group aims to bring 100 Cybertrucks to the Dove Nest Motorsports Club, located at 2225 Co Rd 342 in Gatesville, Texas. The event is free, but registration is required.

And if this is a meeting for Tesla Cybertrucks, then why would the haters want to come? Well, one option is a “rival rodeo pass” for combustion engine trucks that want to take on the Cybertrucks. Other passes include the Cybertruck VIP Pass, a Tesla Owner Ticket and a Spectator Pass.

“If you’re a proud Cybertruck owner, this is your chance to showcase your electric beast in a lightweight off-road setting at the DOMO Off-Road Club,” reads the event page. “Whether you just want to take a flat off-road track or take on a thrilling off-road course and show off your truck’s capabilities, it’s entirely up to you and maybe you can even learn some new tricks with our exclusive Cybertruck tutorials .”

That said, if you’re traveling on I-35 between Dallas and Austin this weekend, you’ll probably spot more Cybertrucks than you’re used to.

Food, refreshments and alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase, and there will be live music and chill areas throughout the meet.

In April, just over 3,800 Tesla 2024 Cybertrucks were recalled after it was discovered that the gas pedal could become stuck, potentially causing the vehicle to accelerate unintentionally and increasing the risk of a crash.

WFAA’s sister station in Austin, KVUE, spoke with an auto reviewer who analyzed the Cybertruck. Click here for this story.

At the time of publishing this article, more than 500 people had registered for the event.