Kansas Turnpike announces toll agreement with Colorado

The Kansas Turnpike Authority announced that the KTAG electronic tolling device will work on most Colorado toll roads, while devices for Colorado drivers will work on Kansas toll roads.

Starting June 2, KTAGs will be recognized as a valid transponder on most Colorado toll roads in the Denver metro area, including E-470 and express lanes. Northwest Parkway, a nine-mile private toll road in the northwest part of Denver, is not yet included.

In return, Colorado’s ExpressToll transponder joins the list of electronic tolling devices accepted on the Kansas Turnpike:

  • KTAG (Kansas)
  • BancPass powered by KTAG (multiple states)
  • Pikepass, Oklahoma
  • NATIONALPASS (multiple states)
  • EZTAG (Texas)
  • TxTAG (Texas)
  • TollTag (Texas)
  • SunPass, including SunPass Mini and SunPass Pro (Florida)
  • ExpressToll (Colorado)
  • BestPass (commercial transponder)
  • PrePass (commercial transponder)

Turnpike Authority CEO Steve Hewitt said in a press release that this comes at an opportune time for regional travelers, and it comes just before the KTA transitions to cashless tolling on July 1. He said the changes would make it easier for customers to travel.