‘Castle House’ Burglars Caught Trying to Return $28,000 in Stolen Antiques – WHIO TV 7 and WHIO Radio

RABUN COUNTY, Ga. — Castles are supposed to be fortresses that protect against invaders, but that didn’t stop two people who are now accused of burglarizing a Georgia home.

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The Rabun County Sheriff’s Office said someone broke into a castle home in the area that was for sale.

Laura Moon, the owner of this unique home, told law enforcement that $28,000 worth of antiques were confiscated from the home, including a laurel and deer antler chair from worth $11,000; $3,000 armor; a $725 shield and a $275 sword, among other “expensive items, according to the sheriff’s report.”

After Moon filed the report, she told the sheriff’s office that “the thieves had been contacting her all day after discovering that she had reported the theft to authorities.”

Officers were staging a sting operation and the suspected burglars returned to the home to unload what had been taken, the department said, according to WSB.

They were taken into custody and questioned.

Investigators ultimately charged Richard Green and Lacey Oliver with first-degree burglary.

Moon’s real estate agent, Maria Rodeghiero, also faces charges of obstructing or obstructing law enforcement.

The sheriff’s office accused Rodeghiero of “arranging the return of the stolen property, attempting to negotiate the sale of some of the stolen items, and giving advice to the thieves on how to remain undetected.”