New partnership aims to meet supply demand for green methanol

Bunker Holding A/S and SyntexNRG Inc. have entered into an agreement for the development and production of renewable methanol to supply the fuel at ports where Bunker Holding has physical operations.

AAccording to Bunker Holding A/S, Syntex premium methanol will meet even the most rigid carbon emissions standards set by several decarbonization programs, including the European Union ETS for marine fuels, the FuelEU maritime initiative and IMO 2030 and 2050 emissions. reduction targets.

Carlos G. Torres, global head of methanol and strategic partnerships at Bunker Holding A/S, highlighted methanol as a future critical fuel and highlighted the partnership’s focus on securing access to green methanol. He highlighted Bunker Holding’s commitment to being a solutions-focused supplier, facilitating the transition to low-carbon marine fuels by aggregating demand and seeking cost-effective supply solutions globally.

We pride ourselves on being a solutions-focused provider for our customers. Our role in the market is to aggregate customer demand and provide the most cost-effective supply solutions, through our widely experienced global organization.

…said Torres

Furthermore, Tom Wagoner, Managing Director and CEO of Syntex Industries recalled that, according to reports from Clarksons, around 300 vessels are already on order for new construction or renovations to use this promising new alternative to fossil fuels. This is very exciting and presents a lot of potential for both companies.

Partnering with Bunker Holding will allow us to look beyond the United States and expand our reach into a global market.

…noted Tom Wagoner