After seeing Elden Ring Symphonic Adventure, I’ve never felt more ready for Shadow of the Erdtree

The visuals and sound design of Elden Ring are incredible. But it’s hard to appreciate them when you’re dodging for your life, heart pounding as you search for a small opening into which your sweaty index finger can spam R1. If only there was a way to sit back and immerse yourself in the game’s grand orchestral score and epic boss fights, without the looming threat of death.

Elden Ring Symphonic Adventure couldn’t have arrived in London at a better time. The orchestral performance took place on April 28, less than two months before Shadow of the Erdtree arrived in June. You could feel a palpable sense of anticipation for the DLC in the air. The concert provided a perfect overview of the game so far, moving from major boss to major boss with snippets of… ahem, lands between. It was a fantastic recap and a fun alternative to rewatching the Shadow of the Erdtree trailer for the 1000th time, and it only made me more excited for what was to come in the expansion.

Boss fights

Elden Ring Symphony Adventure

(Image credit: Serena Cherry)

Seeing scenes from a game you’ve spent 200 hours on condensed into a 2-hour concert is an impactful experience. The smooth pacing of the series made the action scenes completely relentless. It was almost like watching a different game than the one I played. There was no image of me wandering around the catacombs collecting all the Grave Glovewort I could get my hands on. No images of me getting lost in the Round Table. And most importantly, the words “YOU ARE DEAD” did not appear once on the giant screen. Not even during Waterfowl Dance in a tense rendition of Malenia’s theme.